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Senior Data Scientist (PhD or MS Degree, Machine Learning/Algorithms, R or Python or Java)

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    Senior Data Scientist (PhD or MS Degree, Machine Learning-Algorithms, R or Python or Java)
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      Creve Coeur
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Must be able to work as our W2 Employee.

Collaborate with data scientists/engineers/stewards on data extraction and data cleaning.
Develop powerful analytics insights from geographical, manufacturing, industrial data using advanced machine learning techniques.
Design, implement and optimize statistical and machine learning models based on structured and unstructured data.
Work closely with the software engineering team in the delivery of analytic software
Work in a highly interactive, team-oriented environment.

PhD in Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Operations Research or a related field with statistics courses/publications/proven expertise (Electrical/Mechanical/Environmental Engineering, Spatial Statistics, Geoinformatics, Environmental Modeling, Engineering, Computer Science, or Computational Biology) or Master's degree plus 3 years of industry experience.
Proficient in machine learning algorithms and concepts;
Ability to work in a highly interactive, team-oriented environment. Comfort in communicating technical content in an easy to understand way
Proficiency of at least one of Python or R is a must-have and working knowledge of the other
Working knowledge of the following programming languages: SQL, Java, Javascript, C/C++, Scala is a plus
Proficiency in Spatial and/or Temporal Statistical Modeling
Proficiency in Machine learning algorithms and concepts (Ensembles, Deep Learning, SVM, etc.)
Experience working with agricultural/biological scientific data is highly desired
Drive for translating business problems into research initiatives that deliver business value
Creativity in defining challenging exploratory projects

* Why is this position open? Growth on the team, turn over, skills gap? Growth.
* Location of this role (CC, North Campus, Chesterfield, etc)? Creve Coeur
* What is a day like in this role? What 3-5 responsibilities will occupy their time? Plz see job description
* Tell me about the team dynamic/culture. Collaborative; Constant pursuit of the best to deliver on our projects.
* What are the must haves to be successful in this role? Expertise in programming in at least one of Python/Java/R; Team player; Self-started
* What is the long term plan for the role? Depends on performance
* What will make this opportunity stand out for potential candidates? State-of-the-art application of DS/Analytics in Agriculture
* Is this more maintenance or new development work? New Dev mainly, plus some maintenance.
* What kind of soft skills are you looking for? Strong technical & business Communication,
* Are you open to candidates relocating (on their own) or do you prefer local candidates? Open to both.
* What is the minimum number of years of experience required for this position? 3-4 years
* What is the minimum level of education is needed for this position? MS
* Any certifications required for this role? None in particular.
* Is there a possibility for an extension of this assignment? Yes
* Will this position convert to a FTE Role? Probably, performance and need based.
* What is the interview process, will you schedule a phone screen, video conference or in person interviews? video conference, Candidates MUST BE evaluated by real-time coding test

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