Eric Ormson

Account Manager

Phone: 636.736.2178

Eric has been in outside sales since 2004 and over 7 of those years have been in the Staffing industry. He started at SyllogisTeks in 2009 and has loved every minute of it. He says that he can't imagine doing anything else that he would enjoy more…except for maybe playing in the NHL or any professional sport for that matter. Eric loves meeting new people and providing solutions to their needs. He was born in St. Louis. He’s half Canadian and has hockey in his blood. He met his Irish wife, Colleen, on St. Patrick's Day in 2007 and has 3 great kids; Ethan, Grace, and Jack. He’s looking forward to another exciting post season run by the Blues. Things Eric likes: meeting new people, red wine, Larry David, Wiffle Ball, new experiences, and his family. Things he doesn’t like: bad drivers, lines to get in places, complainers, and spiders.